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Privacy Policy

As per the privacy policy, we do not collect or store any of your personal data. We do not even ask for any personal data which is sensitive in nature. The website is an https domain which means that you are browsing a secure website. Your browser may use cookies in order to offer you a better user experience while you access the website. Reiterating the main concern, we do not request any such information for the visitors on our website.

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At, we have used all the information from authentic sources like the IRCTC Next Generation Portal. We have penned down the steps after performing each and every procedure ourselves. In such a case, the chances of having any discrepancy in a procedure are quite low however the chances still exist. You may find a difference in any information mentioned about the cancellation fee or any other financial related information and in such a case, we at do not take responsibility of any such discrepancy in the information listed on our website.

We would again like to ensure you that we have listed multiple reliable sources to collaborate the information for you but in case of a typing error, information mismatch or change in rules and regulation, we would not be liable for any loss incurred by you or any other party.